Single Car MVA

As strange as it may seem, it is as strange as it is possible. It is easy to think that there must have been some incompetent driver driving the vehicle and it is clearly their fault if no other driver was involved. You may have never been involved in a single-car accident, but this does not make them uncommon. There are several other factors to consider when involving a single car accident other than the driver being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or being negligent. There are road conditions to consider, as well as the weather conditions. Issues with the car can also lead to auto accidents. The same factors that may lead to a multi-car accident are to be considered in a single car accident as well.

While there are some things you simply cannot avoid when driving on the road, there are even more people you cannot avoid. There are actually incompetent drivers that cause motor vehicle accidents every day but are not involved in these automobile accidents because the other driver, driving for them, maneuvers to avoid them and either causes another accident with someone else or, you guessed it, a single car accident. This does not exclude the fact that some cars are malfunctioning and prevent drivers from taking certain safety precautions to escape a car accident, such as braking or simply merging lanes. Even the safest drivers are not exempt from a motor vehicle accident.

There are several instances where single car accidents are caused due to the lack of upkeep on public property and roadways. In cases like these, there may be someone else to hold liable for any damages caused to your property or any bodily injury you or any passengers have suffered. Although there are no other parties physically involved, you should speak with a skilled personal injury attorney and lay out all details to him or her. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can review the factors of your case and help determine whether or not you are actually liable, and if not, assist in pursuing a personal injury claim. Single car accidents can be extremely tricky, and no one wants to be blamed for something that may not be their fault at all. Contact a speak with a vehicular accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, like The Lynch Law Group – Attorney At Law,  as soon as possible, and especially before any medical expenses begin to pile up.